Lionesses of Africa radio show profiles women entrepreneurs

Lionesses of Africa radio show profiles women entrepreneurs

The network Lionesses of Africa hosted its last event of the year in Johannesburg, encouraging women entrepreneurs to connect and inspire each other. The network also shared some of its successes.

Here are some of the gems the speakers shared:

Raksha Mahabeer
Mahabeer, who co-founded Summertime in 2007 with Sandhya Singh, described their entrepreneurial journey as a beautiful one. “As an entrepreneur it’s important to understand where you going,” she said.

Mahabeer said, as a business owner, it was important to know your strengths and weaknesses.

For a long time she did not own her title, even if she knew and fulfilled the responsibilities of the title, Mahabeer said. She highlighted the business aspects of finance, operations, productions, marketing and human resources.

“Get real with yourself,” Mahabeer advised. “Get real about what you are skilled at and where you need to outsource.”

Other lessons she shared included:

One should have humility to be learner;
You should have resilience. “Do what you need to do to pick yourself up. For me, it’s doing yoga or being around certain people,” she said. “You are a reflection of where your business is going to be in the world.”
Know yourself and follow your intuition. “The [business] is a reflection of you.”

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