Marketing for a New World Webinar Series

Marketing for a New World Webinar Series

We thought it a good idea to share some of our insights and reasoning behind creating and delivering Summertime Creatives recent webinar series.

As many SMEs and general working professionals settled deeper and deeper into the realities around the Covid-19 pandemic and the imposed lockdown, we observed, with interest, the mindsets shifts from shock to helplessness to acceptance, and then, as is so common in a South African context, it shifted to survival. As we engaged more are more with family, friends and business networks, it became clear that people were starting to look into creative ways of sustaining themselves and, for those who were already in business, looking to pivot their business positioning or offering in line with the rapidly changing world.

We conceptualized a 4 part webinar series that was designed to take a personal from a deep, reflective personal space through a journey, where they would eventually find themselves ready to take a new offering or a slightly different offering out into the New World.

Our first webinar was called ‘New World, New You’. In no way were we telling anyone to re-invent themselves during this time. Not at all, in fact, this webinar was built around conversations that we were having with so many people who, beyond the scope of their job or their business, were finding time (or being forced to) reconnect with who they are, what their unique skill set is and what they are able to bring into this world. 

The second part in our series was ‘Personal Branding’. During this time, now more than ever, people want to connect with other people before they connect with a business or a brand. I personally believe that the more hyper-connected technology and social media makes us, the more we crave real human connection. It is for this reason that we shared content around helping people to craft out their personal brands by sharing a 7 step process that could be followed.

The third webinar shared content around ‘Building Business Brands that Work’ and, in addition to sharing content around the basics that should be considered when building a business brand, we shared the ‘magic touches’ that should be included to create a connection with your target marketing, making the business relatable and sharing how you are able to uniquely solve their problem.

The final webinar around ‘Marketing for the New World’ shared an insight into the new, expanded Marketing Mix which lifts the veil on internal business processes, people, etc and uses this for marketing purposes. In addition, we shared some findings, insights and tips into marketing your business in this very different New World. 

The webinar series took a natural progression from personal positioning to business positioning for the New World. We hope that it inspired, engaged and got our audience working practically on next steps in positioning their brands and businesses better. 

Catch the 4 part webinar series for a limited time on our Youtube channel

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