South African entrepreneurial duo building a vibrant creative design studio

South African entrepreneurial duo building a vibrant creative design studio

In the highly competitive and fast moving world of corporate branding, marketing and graphic design, finding a specialist niche is key. South African creative design studio, SummerTime, is one such company leading the field by providing a powerful combination of passion for the work they do, combined with an innovative approach to solving branding and marketing challenges on behalf of their clients.

LoA met up with founders Raksha Mahabeer and Sandhya Singh to find out more about this dynamic company and its plans for the future.

What does your company do? 

SummerTime is a vibrant creative design studio. We specialise in fresh graphic design, comprehensive brand development and innovative marketing support services for both SMEs and corporate clients.

What inspired you to start your company? 

SummerTime’s two partners, Sandhya and Raksha, met in the corporate world. We had been working in this space for a while and thought it was time to do something more. We wanted to make our professional services accessible for SMEs in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. We wanted to contribute towards an SME’s success by equipping them with smart, sexy brand identities and well-crafted, professional sales and marketing toolkits and support. We decided to do this with the big picture in mind; if we were able to equip these businesses with what they needed to succeed, then in turn, they would grow and contribute positively towards job creation, poverty alleviation and the economy. We love our country and our continent and want to make an impact wherever we can.

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