We are a team of passionate, professional creatives. Our excellence and experience in creative design adds value to businesses who want to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Through customised and clearly articulated solutions, businesses are positioned to increase their brand footprint and diminish the risk of getting lost in a sea of sameness.


We add value through:


Development of Brand Identities
Graphic Design
Marketing Support Services
Web Development
Digital Design
Branding, Sales & Marketing Masterclasses
Brand Audits
Marketing Campaign Creation


We deliver expert solutions with a fresh look and cutting edge creativity, that offers you a dynamic individual solution setting you apart and enabling your business to be just so much more.

Innovative conceptualisation and creative design are the big guns in our business arsenal. It is often the distinguishing factor allowing a company to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Creative design excellence is the difference between a winner and anonymity.

The essence of design is strategic thinking, going beyond simply making pretty pictures. Strategy is the tool that constructs a client’s identity and the medium that conveys ideas beyond words and pictures. With good copy coupled with inspired visuals, we employ graphic design to lift creativity from the mundane to the sublime. We treat graphic design not as a commodity but as a non-verbal communication skill that employs visual sensitivity to solve a problem and convey a message to a mass audience usually with a different demographic.



Our vision is to live, inspire and deliver extraordinary creativity at exceptional
service standards with a strong minded focus on our social and global responsibility.



To elevate design, marketing and communication from the mundane to the
sublime by constantly developing, edifying and inspiring the potential of our
people and clients.


Black Empowerment Credentials

SummerTime is a 100% Black Women Owned Creative Design Agency with a B-BBEE Level One Rating.

Click here for SummerTime BBBEE Certificate 2018  download



Meet The Art and The Beat


The Beat at Summertime

Raksha Mahabeer, or ‘The Beat’ as she is known, is a proudly South African entrepreneur, she co-owns SummerTime, a vibrant creative studio specialising in design, branding and marketing. She is a connector, a communicator, a purpose-driven, inspired inspirer! She prides herself in partnering with SME’s in establishing new South African brands with a view to create jobs in South Africa. She describes herself as a finger-tapping, drum-beating, music-making, cloud-watching, pixie-prancing, tree-hugging, fire-walking, soul-dancing, Yoda-quoting, oneness-embracing, effervescent, hippie-at-heart! Her guiding philosophies – ‘Be Yourself For A Living’, ‘Lead With Love’, ‘Live Your Best Live’ and ‘Walk Life With A Vision’


The Art at Summertime

Sandhya Singh  -Inspired by her favourite superhero Superman from a very young age, Sandhya wanted to save the world! After watching The Karate Kid, she realised that she would have to accomplish this by taking the more ‘Zen’ approach of making a more meaningful impact (Focus, Daniel San!). Always one to chart her own path, she was relieved to discover her creative talents (superpowers) as a graphic designer, hence she founded SummerTime in 2007. Having created many notable brand identities in the SME space and award winning campaigns in the corporate space she brings creative excellence in all she does. If there is a pixel out of place it will be found! Her intrigue for travel keeps her on the cutting edge of creative trends, it certainly helps that this superpreneur can fly!